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Why do I need to know the tax status of my aircraft?

We are all obligated to pay our taxes. As ignorance is no defence and being caught not having paid your taxes is going to be at best inconvenient and expensive and at worst will see your aircraft impounded and you potentially prosecuted, it obviously makes sense to know that you have met your obligations.

Our expert team at Martyn Fiddler Aviation are at hand to help you determine the tax status of your aircraft and to ensure that you meet all your obligations. We will be able to provide you with the correct documentation to present on a Customs ramp check. Should we find that you haven't already met your obligations when you come to us, our experts will be at hand to advise and help rectify matters, giving you peace of mind and making it much more pleasant and cheaper than getting it wrong.

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Mark Byrne is a director and shareholder of Martyn Fiddler Aviation. Mark studied law at the University of Westminster and received his MBA from Manchester ...

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