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I operate a non-EU aircraft, not imported, and am bringing it to a UK MRO for maintenance; do I have to declare to Customs on arrival?

Yes! All goods have to be declared to customs when crossing a border. Aircraft are no different to any other goods that might arrive as freight and have to be cleared at the border before being released onward for delivery. The customs regime the goods are declared to will depend on why the goods are entering a jurisdiction.

When arriving for maintenance aircraft should be declared to IP (Inward Processing) which suspends taxes and duty providing the aircraft is correctly declared for export when leaving the EU.

Speak to Martyn Fiddler Aviation – we hold AEO Authorisation for Special Procedures and can assist clients to make the correct declarations to customs when arriving for maintenance, and when departing on completion, ensuring the tax liability is mitigated.

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Angie Deady-Fiddler is a director of Martyn Fiddler Aviation based at their Shannon office. Angie manages the Ireland, UK and Netherlands businesses . ...

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