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I am involved in an aircraft transaction, why do I need formal tax advice?

There is a big difference between having a rough understanding about how tax might apply and seeking an indemnified tax opinion. While it may initially appear to be clear what the tax treatment for a transaction should be, a tax advisor will be able to consider the full set of circumstances based on their in-depth knowledge of the tax systems and purposes. They will be able to advise on specifics of a transaction, noting where a transaction does not suit a "vanilla" approach or there are additional risks to take into account. In short the use of an experienced tax advisor will greatly de-risk the potential tax cost to any transaction and with the average VAT rate in the EU currently in excess of 20%, set against the average value of an aircraft transaction, securing the services of a qualified tax advisor should be an obvious requirement for any aircraft transaction team.

Our tax experts at Martyn Fiddler Aviation are frequently the first port of call for experienced aviation professionals, chosen for their in-depth, specialist knowledge and ability to find the find the best solution for every scenario.

If you have any questions, please contact either Adrian Parcell-Jones, Alena Nikolayeniaor or Greta Kemper who will be happy to assist you.

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Greta Kemper is a senior VAT advisor in the tax advisory team at Martyn Fiddler Aviation. CTA and AIIT qualified, Greta has over thirty years’ experience ...

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