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Do you only deal with Isle of Man registered aircraft?

A commonly asked question we hear is: "Do you only deal with Isle of Man registered aircraft?" The answer to this is a resounding "NO".

We do not only provide solutions through the Isle of Man. Our clients and their aircraft come from many jurisdictions and the country an aircraft is registered in does not automatically have a link to its tax status. Yes, we certainly work with "M" registered aircraft, but we also work with many other registrations including "G" and "N". Some aircraft are operated on AOCs, some are private, and some are corporate aircraft. The services and offerings that we have in our Tax, Customs and Ownership divisions are vast and diverse and cover several EU jurisdictions.

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Martin Kennaugh is head of aviation at Martyn Fiddler Aviation and is based in the Isle of Man. Martin joined the ICM Group in 2007 and quickly developed ...

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