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De-risking your business aircraft: why owning an aircraft doesn’t have to give you a headache!

Risk is the hot topic on everyone’s lips. As an aircraft owner or operator, knowing your risks and knowing how to manage risk is an essential part of the job. Failing to understand when you are entering risky territory, or worse, pushing the boundaries entirely could result in harsh penalties.

Register for Martyn Fiddler Aviation’s “De-risk” webinar series 16 February – 30 March 2021.

The team will explore what risk means for business aviation transactions, explain the risks you will inevitably face as an aircraft owner, and guide you through our top tips to de-risk your aircraft. The teams will focus their attention on risks arising from ownership, tax and import as well as using case studies from their extensive client transaction experiences.

For details on the 4 webinars please see the schedule below. Each webinar will be approximately 25 minutes long.

If you would like to join simply respond to this email. If you have any specific topics you would like us to talk about or questions you would like us to answer please include these in your response. Your input helps us to ensure our webinars are relevant to you and our audience.

 What is the risk? (Introduction to and overview of risk)

16 Feb 2021   |   12:30 GMT/13:30 CET

Learning objectives:

  • What is risk in terms of business aviation transaction?
  • What are the top 5 risks and how to manage them
  • The benefit of hindsight (part 1)
  • Case study: what happens when it goes wrong!

Team: Heather Gordon, Mark Byrne, Martin Kennaugh
Understanding your avoidable risks

2 March 2021   |   12:30 GMT/13:30 CET

Learning objectives:

  • Risks are everywhere; some are more manageable than others
  • Understand what risks can be mitigated and which can be reduced
  • Know the difference: business risk v business aircraft risk

Team: Adrian Jones, Heather Gordon, Martin Kennaugh
Managing risk – art or logic?

16 March 2021   |   12:30 GMT/13:30 CET

Learning objectives:

  •  Choosing the right team can seriously reduce your risk
  • Knowing what to ask and when
  • Low likelihood/high impact: can I risk map my aircraft purchase?

Team: Heather Gordon, Mark Byrne, Martin Kennaugh
Risk cost v de-risk reward

30 March 2021   |   12:30 BST/13:30 CEST

Learning objectives:

  • How to get it mostly right first time
  • Knowing your top risks
  • The benefit of hindsight (part 2)
  • Understanding how to mitigate risk without breaking the bank!

Team: Heather Gordon, Mark Byrne, Martin Kennaugh


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