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The satisfaction of a job well done

Katie Ansett works on the customs and tax administration side of Martyn Fiddler Aviation, from our Stansted office in the UK.

Katie gave us a run through of her typical day and outlined how our services benefit our clients.

Katie told us:

"I start everyday by addressing any emails that have arrived overnight to monitor any new, existing or returning client's correspondence and responding quickly and efficiently. For many of our clients their projects are time sensitive so it is important we react fast to ensure they do not incur delays.

As a company there are many ways in which we can help clients. I personally manage the processing of Imports, Exports, Temporary Admission, Inward Processing or Customs Warehouse for client aircraft, through our UK, Isle of Man, Ireland and Netherlands group businesses. Each customs regime is different and used for a specific purpose. I walk each client through the relevant process and inform them at each step of the way what I require and what they can expect. Essentially my purpose is to ensure that our client's requirements for their aircraft are taken care of so they can or will be able to fly with ease and enjoy their asset without needing to worry themselves about the legalities, endless paperwork or finding the most cost effective solution. I use my own and my colleagues expertise to identify issues, find solutions and handle what needs to be done.

On any one process I will need to liaise with a number of people from Customs agents, Border force, Operators, Lawyers, Advisors etc. On occasion I will fly to Rotterdam to meet with the owner representatives or operators and oversee imports for clients for whom we act as a Fiscal Representative under Martyn Fiddler Netherlands Fiscal License. This is necessary as we have a 6-year tax liability, which means we have to keep in contact with our clients on a quarterly basis to check the aircraft is still under the same Operator/Owner and not made any non-business flights to/within or from The Netherlands.

Each day is so varied however what remains the same is the satisfaction when I'm able to inform the client they can proceed, or when I present our client with completed customs declaration documents.

Alongside this I assist with the day to day administration in our Martyn Fiddler Tax division; preparing engagement letters and liaising with clients, and my tax colleagues.

I also assist our UK APD (Air Passenger Duty) division; our clients submit us their monthly spreadsheets of flights from the UK and I will calculate the duty due or do a 4-eyes check of calculations that one of my other colleagues may have done, I then submit the returns to HMRC."

If you think we could be of assistance to you please get in touch with Katie on +44 1279 810026 or email


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Angie Deady-Fiddler is a customs director of Martyn Fiddler Aviation based at their Shannon office. Angie manages the Ireland, UK and Netherlands businesses ...

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