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The Annual Isle of Man Aviation Conference

The 7th Annual Isle of Man Aviation Conference was held on Thursday 22nd of June 2017. Organised by the Martyn Fiddler Aviation and supported by Isle of Man Registry, the conference attracted 153 delegates from 13 different countries, representing 89 different companies.

The conference was chaired by Stewart H. Lapayowker, Esq of Lapayowker Jet Counsel and included three panel sessions and several presentations by high profile speakers. The conference programme and video is available to view on the conference website.

Held at the Villa Marina, on Thursday the 22nd of June, The Isle of Man Aviation Conference was organised by the Martyn Fiddler Aviation and supported by the Isle of Man Aircraft registry. The conference attracted 153 delegates from 13 different countries, representing 89 different companies. 

Regular attendee and speaker at the event, Marc Bailey, CEO of British Business and General Aviation Association BBGA, commented:

“Between government, industry and regulation, it just works so well.’ 

Tanya Raynes, CEO of Centreline based in Bristol, attended the conference for the second time. She told us:

“It’s an event where you have lots of people together, all the people we’re talking to about structuring. You’ve got financers, lawyers and accountants. It’s big enough to have everything in the right place, but small enough so that you can have meaningful discussions with a number of people who are relevant for our business.” 

Martyn Fiddler Aviation organised three networking events during the conference for delegates and speakers to join including an evening at the Isle of Man Motor Museum. Nicole Taylor, Marketing Co-ordinator from the Group told us:

“The Aviation Conference is all about bringing people from the aviation industry together at one event, where they can be informed by high profile speakers and be well networked. Delegates have been coming back year after year since we first started the conference in 2011, and our team has built a relationship with them. We focus on delegate feedback to ensure the event only keeps getting better.” 

The team at Martyn Fiddler Aviation has already started planning the next Isle of Man Aviation Conference which will take place in June 2018.

The full 2017 conference programme is on the Isle of Man Aviation Conference website and the photos of the event are available on Flickr.  


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