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Last week, the annual European Regional Airlines Association conference was held in Nice, France, and focused on sustainability – economic, environmental, and social. Heather Gordon, legal director of Martyn Fiddler Aviation joined the discussion on social sustainability - here are her key takeaways:

  • To become sustainable, society must meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
  • There is a responsibility for every business to not just consider their short-term goals but also to look at their mid to long-term future and that of their stakeholders; this includes their employees, customers and communities.
  • Governance is a fundamental force in ESG (environmental, social and governance) – a third of daily life is spent at work and therefore considering social sustainability is a key matter for all business leaders and companies; without a good workforce there will be no business.
  • The current dilemma facing industry – a shortfall in talent – was exacerbated by the global pandemic. Many people reassessed their work-life balance, their value within the workplace and other opportunities available to them. The result has been a power shift and creation of am employee market where choice, flexibility and quality of life is paramount.
  • Recruitment and retention are separate but equally important matters for businesses to consider when looking at the risks they face in the short and long term. However, risk is also an opportunity to change and create a better model for attracting talent into the industry.
  • Governance can be used by business leaders to create real change around social sustainability, and to understand both the risks and opportunities involved during the current war for talent.

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