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Meet Samantha Wharfe: A day in the life of our Office Manager

Samantha WharfeFirst things first... coffee. Essential part of the tool kit! Once coffee is in hand, it is time to review the emails that have filtered in overnight from around the world:

-  Export and VAT assistance

-  Aircraft Sale

-  Import of...

-  Request for advice quote: free circulation of aircraft and transfer to operating entity

-  VAT Considerations

-  Export from EU to Guernsey

Are but a few of the enquires we regularly see. Depending on the query will depend on who it gets routed to for an expert opinion. On the tax side we have Adrian Jones, Greta Kemper and Alena Nikolayenia (based in our Ireland Office). On the Customs side we have Angie Deady-Fiddler and Phill Rawlins. In many instances a query may need input from both sides of the business and on occasion we call on our aviation team located in the Isle of Man who specialise in company structures. We really are a one stop shop!

Once we have determined the best solution the team gets to work. Katie Ansett and Wendy Jordan work on the customs processing side of the business and will work seamlessly and methodically through reams of paperwork and procedures to ensure aircraft are imported, exported entered into customs warehouse, etc. using whatever regime is appropriate for their specific needs. If you don't work in aviation (even if you do) it is sometimes difficult to understand the needs and requirements for certain processes. The team are fully aware of this. They have years of experience and explain every stage along the way and are always happy to answer any questions.

Me; I manage the office, manage the small but perfectly formed team of administrators and work on the administration for Martyn Fiddler Tax side (along with Katie). We draft and send engagement letters to clients. Process due diligence documents and get the enquiry to a stage where our tax experts can provide the advice. For many of our clients the advice they require is pivotal to an aircraft transaction. A transaction that may have taken months sometimes years to come to fruition so it is vital that at this stage we do not incur any further delays for them. So we work quickly and efficiently with the client and their lawyers and advisors to ensure they have everything they need to help them reach their desired outcome.

In between this (and coffee...lots of coffee) the day can vary from invoicing, meetings, training, airport runs to ordering stationery and changing a light bulb (all exciting stuff)!

Once all that is done, well it's time for home. Or at least our home time... as we go to sleep the rest of the world wakes up but that just means we get the chance to work out more solutions the next day. No one day is ever the same in the world of aviation customs and tax.

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