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IT provides the gift of technology to over 400 disadvantaged students

Ever wondered what to do with your old computer when you replace it? The obvious thing to do would be to put it in the spare room, recycle, dump: how much of the equipment will be destined to end up at a landfill site. The answer is to gift them to the Turing Trust!

No one could argue that Alan Turing was anything less than a hero, without his incredible mathematical mind we could all be living a very different technological life to the one we enjoy today. Alan invented the first modern computer, decoded the encryption of German enigma machines during WWII, and detailed a procedure known as the Turing Test (forming the basis of artificial intelligence).

Determined to ensure Alan’s legacy live on, Alan’s family founded the Turing Trust (2009) which seeks to continue his legacy by using technology to empower disadvantaged communities, working mainly in Africa. Their belief is that one day every child will be able to enjoy the transformative power of technology that Alan envisioned. The Turing Trust relies on donations and their hard working staff and volunteers to refurbish IT equipment, install a range of educational software and provide it then to those who need it most. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication that they have so far enabled access to computers for over 81,000 students.

Martyn Fiddler Aviation together with Argon Technologies Group have proudly donated enough equipment to enable over 400 children to learn vital IT skills.

Pictures left to right: Iain Fairbairn, Managing Director and Sarah Dodsworth, Account Manager at  Argon, joined by Chris Lees, Operations Director and Steve Crane, IT Manager at Martyn Fiddler Aviation.

Chris Lees, Operations Director at Martyn Fiddler Aviation remarked:

“We are so grateful that with the support of Argon Business Systems, we’ve been able to prepare our PCs for new use.

I recognise our gift is only a small part to play towards Turing achieving their goal, but it is satisfying that we have been able to provide some support which benefits others, whilst protecting our environment too. I would strongly encourage other businesses to get in touch with the Turing Trust when the time comes to replenish your tech equipment! They do truly outstanding work!“

James Turing, Alan Turing’s great nephew and CEO of the Turing Trust told MFA:

“We can’t thank Martyn Fiddler Aviation enough for their thoughtful donation and Argon Business Systems for making it possible to get the equipment safely across the water to us. We expect that 414 students will be able to learn vital IT skills with the PCs provided. Beyond this is the environmental impact the donation will have, offsetting 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 16 trees. The embodied energy savings created are also enough to power 1.5 UK homes for a year as well.

Thank you once again for making this all possible!”

To find out more about the great work that the Turing Trust provides, and to donate, please visit their website.


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