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EBACE – a practical guide for new attendees (the benefit of hindsight)

This EBACE will mark my 12th year attending!

I started out - all those years ago - as a novice ‘board walker’. I ran between meetings, hoped for someone to recognise me, was constantly hungry and could only dream about being invited to a drinks event. With the benefit of hindsight, cynicism and humour, here is my practical guide to EBACE 2023.


The first rule of EBACE – wear comfortable shoes. Do not buy new shoes or bring a pair that look nice but are a ‘bit’ uncomfortable. You will be on your feet for at least 12 hours each day and you will pay dearly for any footwear errors. Trainers or casual pumps are now far more acceptable so take advantage of this. If you break this rule, please attend stand R90 (there is a secret supply of Compeed).


Do not be offended when meetings change or get cancelled. Visitor or exhibitor – everyone wants to come home from EBACE with a sale. If a pre-arranged meeting clashes with a sudden client prospect you will likely be delayed or cancelled (and you may not find out until the time of the original meeting). Do not be offended – it happens. Remain respectful and understanding, and hopefully, your presence of mind will get you a place in the new transaction.

Do not book back-to-back meetings. 75% of EBACE meetings start late, overrun, change days or were never planned in the first place. The layout at the Palexpo is also deceiving in terms of the time it will take to walk between stands. And it is not possible to walk between two points at EBACE without meeting someone who wants to talk. Book at least 30 minutes to get between meetings!


Whenever you see one, go and use it. Toilet breaks are fleeting and you never know when the next opportunity will arise!


There are numerous events occurring each day and evening at EBACE. Many do not require an invite; be bold and use the opportunity to network. Some events are exclusive and/or private; while breaking into such events can be exciting (security is much better now) the result is often disappointing and sometimes embarrassing. You will always find others who have not been invited and suggesting a quiet dinner will often have a positive result.


Carrying a mobile office is not advised for two reasons: 1. There are limited workspaces at EBACE and you will be interrupted continuously. Further, carrying a mobile office with you for 12 hours just causes backache. 2. You are supposed to be networking and developing business at EBACE!

Have fun

While it is exhausting EBACE can be great fun. A word of caution: free booze is an attractive proposition in the incredibly expensive Geneva, however, EBACE hangovers are especially bad. If you do intend to over indulge do what my colleague does and pack an "EBACE liver. Please see stand R90 for Aspirin each morning.


EBACE is the best annual get-together for business aviation and great work can be had from it. Network the heck out of it, say yes to anything you are invited to, remember to enjoy it and, if you have done the week correctly, you should be going home exhausted. Oh, and come and see Martyn Fiddler Aviation at stand R90!


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