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A new chapter for Martyn Fiddler Aviation: Germany and beyond

July was an exciting month. Not only did the sun and summer arrive, but our newest team member, Tobias Heining, joined the Martyn Fiddler Team. Tobias lives in Munich and will be expanding the services of Martyn Fiddler into the German, Austrian and Swiss regions (DACH).

With over 20 years’ experience working with the largest law firms in Germany, Tobias understands the needs of corporations and high net worth individuals when it comes to owning and using complex assets such as business aircraft. Tobias recognises the value of appropriate structuring to manage tax, customs, legal and regulatory compliance in both business and family legacy arrangements.

“It is a natural expansion of our European offering” noted Mark Byrne, director of Martyn Fiddler. “Germany alone looks after 20% of all aircraft based and registered in Europe. Our goal is to ensure German based and registered aircraft are imported effectively and efficiently, and in compliance with all European tax regulations. Tobias was ‘our man’ from the first time we met and fits into our team seamlessly.”

Tobias’ first mission was to join the German Business Aviation Association and Martyn Fiddler Aviation was proud to become the 105th member in August 2023. Going forward Tobias will be attending key aviation events in Germany and Europe to expand the knowledge and value offering Martyn Fiddler provides in the areas of customs, tax and corporate services.

“Dealing with complex assets such as business aircraft holds particular challenges” Tobias commented. “Clients need professional support to perform their balancing act between complying with different rules and regulations while at the same time trying to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in the assets’ use. Truly valuable advice in the client’s best long term interests always comes and a clear understanding of different business models and the potential issues they raise”.

Tobias is already actively connecting with business aviation in the DACH region to understand how the services of Martyn Fiddler can benefit not only the ownership and importation of aircraft into Europe, but also how parts, maintenance and supply can be enhanced by their services.

If you would like to connect with Tobias and find out more regarding Martyn Fiddler’s service in Germany and Europe, please email  


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