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A day in the life of an Aviation Administrator

Wendy JordanHaving the all-important cup of tea in hand, I start my day with my colleagues; in the current times this means a Teams meeting so we can still see as well as hear each other!  Any messages on our answerphone are dealt with and then any new emails that have arrived since I left "the office" at 3pm yesterday – to start the real job of being a Mum.

The calls and emails that we receive can be pretty varied as I work on many different aviation processes, with clients from all over the world.  It could be a US client wishing to discuss the Temporary Admission of their aircraft, or an EU import to The Netherlands for example, or perhaps one of the facilities that we work closely with, updating us on the progress of maintenance of an aircraft or planned departures.

Now it's time to work on today's aircraft arrivals and departures.  I am awaiting the arrival of an aircraft to the UK for import from one of our longstanding UK operators, and also the export of an aircraft to Guernsey.  I will be completing all of the HMRC required information, and liaising with the facilities of arrival/departure, as well as our clients (and my colleagues here J); once the customs declarations are received back I will do a careful check that all is correct before advising our clients that they are now imported, or released from customs for export.

Tomorrow I will be busy with imports to UK, The Netherlands and an aircraft arriving for Inward Processing at one of our approved facilities, so today I'll be confirming that all is on track, and working on all of the paperwork we'll need in order that we can move as quickly as possible for our clients tomorrow.

My role is so varied, that no 2 days are ever the same (apart from the never-ending cups of tea of course).  I work with clients and suppliers from all over the world, some we've dealt with lots of times before, and some who have never purchased or imported an aircraft before.

Whatever the scenario the Martyn Fiddler Aviation team are here to help you every step of the way. I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we really do care about what we do and have a dedicated team that takes pride in a job well done, that's why we are so highly regarded across the industry – Relationships matter!

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