Martyn Fiddler Ireland offers varied solutions to clients who wish to own, operate or import an aircraft in an EU jurisdiction.

In a post Brexit world we are able to offer solutions in an onshore EU jurisdiction, which hasĀ economic and legal stability, and a good international reputation. Ireland is a jurisdiction where aviation is a familiar, accepted and recognised industry.

Additionally, Ireland has a strong and growing network of double taxation agreements and is the home of the International Registry of Mobile Assets established under the Cape Town Convention.

Owning a business aircraft through an Irish company allows VAT registration and reclaim within the EU, something that a UK company will no longer permit when the UK leaves the VAT region of the EU.

As a licenced Corporate Service Provider we provide corporate solutions and manage aircraft owning companies for our clients. With our in-house business aviation tax advisory division, combined with our extensive expertise in the area of Customs import / export processes our clients can expect excellent service.

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