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EU import & export

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  • Export
  • Customs warehousing
  • Onward supply
  • UK Air Passenger Duty Representation

Importing / exporting services

Martyn Fiddler Aviation is renowned worldwide for its services relating to the EU importation, exportation and temporary admission of clients aircraft.

The tax rules which governed the importation process through the UK and Isle of Man changed on 1 January 2011; up to this point aircraft could be imported in the UK or Isle of Man at a zero-rate of VAT based on the weight of the aircraft – since this date, VAT can only be zero-rated based on the use of the aircraft. In response to the UK VAT changes Martyn Fiddler Aviation has developed a range of new processes and solutions to assist clients in obtaining VAT paid, free circulation status for their aircraft.

More recent changes to the Union Customs Code (May 2016), and the interpretation of same by the UK has created several issues and delays in obtaining authorisations prior to importing for UK operators. Martyn Fiddler Aviation is able to offer a simple, quick solution for these clients that does not require the operator to lodge security for import duties, and thereby ensuring that our clients can continue to do what they do best, without delay.

We can work in conjunction with our aviation administration colleagues in the Isle of Man or independently as our services are wide and varied.

Our specialist team has a combined hands-on experience in the aviation industry of over 45 years and is committed to continued excellent customer service for each client. We have processed several thousand aircraft clearances since the business was incorporated in 1981.

Our reputation and industry knowledge mean that Martyn Fiddler Aviation is often engaged by both the selling and purchasing party in a transaction to correctly handle the various customs requirements of an individual aircraft.

With offices in the Netherlands, Isle of Man and UK, plus business partners elsewhere in the EU and rest of the world, Martyn Fiddler Aviation has a wide range of importation and customs solutions to meet the demands of most clients.

Customs warehousing

As well as processing the import and export of client aircraft, Martyn Fiddler Aviation also work with aircraft brokers and clients to offer a customs solution when selling aircraft. With several customs warehouse sites at major business aircraft locations in the UK and Isle of Man clients can store their aircraft, offer them for sale, and sell them all without the worry of VAT and customs duties, when declared to Martyn Fiddler Aviation's customs warehouse approval.

UK Air Passenger Duty representation

Martyn Fiddler Aviation is a registered representative for UK APD and works with several operators to process this tax with UK HMRC on a monthly basis. We can act as a fiscal, administration or occasional representative, depending on the needs of each individual client.

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