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If you are an MRO or engineering facility, particularly those handling complete aircraft and high value components such as engines then our Customs Special Procedures could assist you and remove the burden of dealing with Customs yourself.

  • Martyn Fiddler Aviation is AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) approved. We hold Inward Processing (IP) approval that we can extend to maintenance facilities; this suspends taxes (VAT) and Customs duties, and allows for the overhaul and repair of clients non EU goods declared to the correct and compliant Customs regime
  • If you are an owner of an aircraft and not yet in a position to deal with import VAT; or the seller of an aircraft that needs to ensure no VAT liability at the time of sale, we can assist.
  • Under our AEO approval we hold Customs Warehouse authorisation which we have extended to approved sites across many airport locations in the UK. This allows for the storage of Third Country / non EU goods, in a tax and duty suspense regime until such time as you are ready to deal with import VAT, or have sold the aircraft. This is a hugely beneficial regime not only for owners but also finance houses and lessors where they may be recovering aircraft and need effective storage and protection of their assets before they are assigned to a new operation.
  • Martyn Fiddler Aviation is approved as an Authorised Consignor and Consignee for T1 Community (Union) Transit movements. This approval includes complete aircraft, engines and other aircraft (and Spacecraft) parts. With a Customs Guarantee level that comfortably exceeds aircraft values, we can accommodate aircraft movements at hugely competitive rates that standard freight forwarders frequently cannot achieve.

All of these regimes interlink allowing a seamless provision of maintenance, movement and storage of aircraft and parts, providing a financially sound mechanism for dealing with high value assets.

These Special Procedure approvals and their associated guarantees (to cover any VAT & Duty suspended) can take many months to put in place and will need constant management by Customs experienced staff, Martyn Fiddler Aviation holds these as live approvals and can extend them to your facility within a matter of days if your location isn't already covered.

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