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Our Clients


At Martyn Fiddler Aviation we know that nearly every aircraft transaction will require legal assistance, often involving legal counsel in several jurisdictions working together. We use our wide network of trusted law firms, family offices and corporate legal departments to ensure all corporate governance and legal concerns are met and the right people are on hand to address any queries or concerns the parties may have.

Our extensive experience of all aspects of an aircraft's transactional life means we can often anticipate issues before they occur. We work with counsel to navigate, mitigate and resolve issues that could cause delays or additional expense to our clients.

Whether we are working with our client's lawyer or are engaged directly by a law firm, we provide support and assistance in a variety of different ways:

  • Jurisdictional reports on tax, aircraft registration and corporate ownership to provide a range of options when clients want to purchase or finance an aircraft
  • Tax opinions regarding the steps which need to be taken to ensure full compliance with jurisdictional tax obligations
  • Advice on corporate governance and company law requirements in the jurisdictions we service
  • Internal legal counsel for our client companies and trusts where required
  • Introductions to specialist aviation legal counsel we have worked with and
  • Advice, assistance and training to lending teams to extend their knowledge in specialist aviation Customs and tax matters

Our team include Chartered Tax Advisers and Isle of Man qualified advocates. Our ability to ask the right question is often the key to a smooth and uneventful transaction.