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Martyn Fiddler Aviation frequently uses their experience of Customs, tax and corporate services provision for aircraft to assist financiers in a variety of different ways:

  • Tax opinions to financiers to ensure their clients aircraft will not be subject to unseen liabilities
  • that could cause breach of loan covenants or value ratios
  • The highest standards of corporate governance and regulation of corporate entities accepting finance from lenders
  • A deep understanding of duties towards creditors in default or distressed situations
  • The ability to hold distressed assets within our portfolio to maximise value in difficult situations
  • Advice, assistance and training to lending teams to extend their knowledge in specialist aviation Customs and tax matters helping them understand not just the answers, but also the questions they should be asking in a situation.

In many cases we act as an external yet "in-house" resource for financiers providing quick responses to tricky questions; this allows specialist knowledge on hand without costly one off fees. Our tax advice is provided by Chartered Tax Advisers who have developed a network of aircraft tax experts internationally so advice can be obtained easily world-wide. Our ability to ask the right question is often the key to a smooth and uneventful transaction.

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