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Martyn Fiddler Aviation has over 30 years’ experience in helping clients own and import their business aircraft.
We have unrivaled in-house capabilities to identify issues and provide solutions for business aircraft owners and operators.
Our clients benefit from the experience, training and expertise of a dedicated business aviation team working together on solutions which can save the client time and expense.

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Benefit from the experience, training and expertise of our dedicated business aviation team.

De-risking your business aircraft: why owning an aircraft doesn’t have to give you a headache!

Register for Martyn Fiddler Aviation’s “De-risk” webinar series 16 February – 30 March 2021.

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Returned Good Relief: common misunderstandings

We explore what RGR is, what it may be used for, and the difficulty of different interpretations of RGR applied by various countries. We summarise the risks of getting RGR wrong and how to safeguard the aircraft and its owner from this risk.

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Isle of Man Aviation Conference
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